Hebrew learning meets 21st century!

Put Hebrew learning directly in the hands of each and every student with Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side! Your digital natives will learn to read Hebrew in a technology-rich interactive online learning environment, reinforced by hands-on activities. Designed for 5th, 6th or 7th grade students, Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side is a game-changer for Jewish education – the four-year “shlep” of learning Hebrew decoding and prayers is over!

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This sample is the 4th lesson in the series; it starts with a review and then new learning begins. Play it on a PC or Mac by clicking the big arrow at the bottom, clicking on the screen, or swiping. Click on audio buttons to hear pronunciations and click on the screen for activities/games.

Let's Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side is engaging!


Interesting Stories

Each on-line lesson is built around the story of a middle school age child encountering Hebrew in his or her environment. In this one, Rona wants to read the Hebrew on the balloons from her cousin’s Bar Mitzvah.


Guided Learning

Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side was developed to take full advantage of the Hebrew decoding research of Dr. Lifsa Schachter, Professor Emerita, Siegal College of Judaic Studies. Explanations used in the online program, and reinforced by the learning facilitator, provide a strong foundation to each and every student. In addition, no student will miss learning the letter Mem because of an absence, nor be able to hide behind others in class.


Active Reinforcement

Nothing is taught without being immediately reinforced, both in the online program and the hands-on activities introduced by the learning facilitator. Learning facilitators are provided easy-to-follow instructions, along with ready-to-use materials.

The Combined Power of Online Learning & Hands-On Reinforcement

Multimedia Rich

Lessons include videos that introduce letters and vowel signs, audio buttons to check pronunciation, and interactive activities to reinforce learning. Hands-on reinforcement activities are also provided. See the sample lesson above for an example of the high quality online learning your students will enjoy.

The Cloud Advantage

Because of access to “the cloud,” a student may work on any available relatively up-to-date computer connected to the Internet - Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side remembers where he or she finished at the end of the last lesson. In addition, teachers and school directors have the ability to follow the progress of both individuals and classes. How easy is that?

Focused Learning

Students no longer sit in class, waiting for their turn to read aloud. Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side keeps them focused with a 15-20 minute online lesson and a 10-15 minute hands-on reinforcement activity, often a game.

Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side
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